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Hennessy Ford Pickup & Delivery

We Make You Feel at Home, Because You Are.

Hennessy Ford has an easier way to service your vehicle.
With Ford Mobile Pick Up & Delivery, we’ll come to you.

No Matter What Mode You’re In, We’ve Got You.

When you need service, Hennessy Ford will pick up and return your vehicle. Our team is happy to accommodate your busy schedule with quick and efficient service. Made just for you!

Schedule Service

We’ll pick it up.

We’ll service it.

We’ll drop it off.

Made Convenient For You

Hennessy Ford Pickup & Delivery will handle every part of the process, and you don’t even have to set foot in our service center. We come to you, pick your Ford up, service your vehicle, and return it to you, so your day remains disruption-free.

Ford Pickup & Delivery is Complimentary

The next time you need service, we will make the round trip for you. No need to drive to or from the dealer for service. No fee for Ford Pickup & Delivery. This is complimentary at no cost to you.


How long will the service take?

Every service is different. The length of the service will vary depending on the circumstances. You’ll discuss the timing when you book your appointment.

What are Hennessy Ford Pickup hours?

Hennessy Ford has pickup available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Not available on weekends.

How much does Ford Pickup & Delivery cost?

There is no fee. Complimentary pickup and delivery are available at no cost.

How will I receive updates about my vehicle service?

Your dealership will contact you however you like: phone, text or email.

Is the Ford Pickup & Delivery program available for all repairs?

All warranty and customer-pay repairs are eligible, as long as your vehicle is driveable and not part of a roadside collision.

How do I know which maintenance service I need?

There is no fee. Complimentary pickup and delivery are available at no cost.

Are there any distance restrictions for Ford Pickup & Delivery?

Our Pickup & Delivery service is available within a 10-mile distance of Hennessy Ford.

Can Ford Pickup & Delivery be used with Roadside Assistance?

Not at this time.

Will I get a loaner vehicle?

Please call and confirm when you schedule your service. Alternative options may be offered as well.

How do I make changes or cancel my Ford Pickup & Delivery time?

Call Hennessy Ford Service to make changes or cancel

Can I change my Ford Pickup & Delivery location?

Call Hennessy Ford Service to make changes

Who can I talk to if I have any issues with my Ford Pickup & Delivery service?

Call Hennessy Ford Service for any concerns

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